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Gallery update

Finally got all the galleries updated!! Scott Owen Shaun Bonanos Konrad – Apprentice

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Tree of Life

Gallery update for Konrad

Tree of Life chest piece added to Konrad’s gallery.  The client had an existing tattoo on the other side of his chest and Konrad matched the shape and position with the  Tree of Life, done as a silhouette but cleverly shaded out with dotwork for a nice transition.   Check out some of his work […]

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Work In Progress Update

A little gallery update on some work in progress going on. It’s not often you get to work with dotwork and mandalas in colour so this has turned out to be a real fun project to work on Pete’s had about 3-4 sessions on this sleeve with hopefully one more to come and then we’ll […]

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New photos added to the galleries

It’s been a real busy time for us over summer but we’ve managed to find time to update our website.  Head over and see some of our new work http://sevenswordsstudio.co.uk/tattoos/shaun-bonanos/  

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design work

Konrad starts building his portfolio

So we’ve got a new addition to our line up.  Konrad has been and avid artist all his life and now brings his skills to the tattoo world as he comes close to the end of his apprenticeship.    With a love for Polish traditional pieces as well as black work and black and grey […]

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Poisonous flowers

New work in progress images added

Some more tattoos added to our work in progress gallery section tracking tattoos over individual sessions including a half sleeve of poisonous flower   You can view the gallery here : http://sevenswordsstudio.co.uk/work-in-progress/

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Lal Hardy Interview

Lal Hardy Interview/Documentary

Lal Hardy opened New Wave Tattoo in 1979, he’s been tattooing for a long time and has seen tattooing progress through the years.  In this interview he talks about tattooing, what it means to him and how it has changed with the times. It’s definitely worth a listen/watch if you’re into tattooing, it’s history and […]

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Final Fantasy Tattoo

So we’ve updated our galleries

We’ve updated our galleries with some new tattoos.  Scott recently had the pleasure of tattooing this Final Fantasy character.. Head on over and check them out http://sevenswordsstudio.co.uk/tattoos/scott-owen/ http://sevenswordsstudio.co.uk/tattoos/shaun-bonanos/

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How we work

Our studio has a comfortable, cosy feel to it, you might say more of a personal vibe going on.  It’s the way we like it. I thought I’d make this post for anyone that doesn’t know us and is thinking about getting tattooed, a basic overview of how we work, the process from wanting to […]

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Work in progress

We’ve added a new Work in Progress gallery just to keep you up to date with what we’re doing.  Alot of the time on larger projects we’ll design and start tattooing a piece but will only see the end result in 6 months to a year because of the amount of sessions it takes so […]

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