We put a lot of thought into the products we use in the studio.  From our needles and inks, disinfectants, soaps, furniture, we’re always looking ahead to ensure we’re using products of the highest quality.
All our tattoo products are bought from reputable suppliers, we research  them, try them out and make decisions as to whether they suit our needs.

Our attitude towards the products we use go beyond just the quality of what we buy but also using eco friendly materials, plastics that are bio degradable and soaps that are natural.  Having vegan clients also means we make sure everything from inks, stencil paper, soaps and other supplies used support a vegan lifestyle.

Black Claw is one of the only needle manufacturers that use lead free solder in the manufacture of their needles and ensure all their paper packaging is made using recycled material.  In addition the company was formed and is run by tattooers.

All our inks are free from animal products. 

Dr Bronners, say no more

Thermofax paper for stencil making traditionally used some waxes from animal products, we’ve invested in a vegan alternative