If you’re interested in getting tattooed then the best way forward is pop in for a chat, phone or email us.
If you have a specific artist in mind then we’ll set up a consultation with that artist, otherwise we’re happy to hear your ideas and suggest the best artist for the job.  Things to remember is that if you’re considering going on holiday withing a couple of weeks of your tattoo,  you can’t get your tattoo in the sun or soak it in water so those are things to keep in mind when making an appointment.


You can read about how we handle consultations in our FAQ

The day of the appointment

It’s always best to feel healthy before getting tattooed, being tattooed while ill is not advisable, it feels a lot worse on the day and the healing of the tattoo can be compromised.  Having a good nights rest the night before and a good meal on the day of getting tattooed helps a lot.  Your body will need to be in good health while your tattoo is healing to get the best results and quickest heal time.

We usually have room for a friend, please ask us in advance if you’d like to bring a friend or family member with.  Please don’t arrive with a group of friends when getting tattooed, space is limited and unfortunately we don’t have the space for them.

Be calm, bring along a drink or chocolate bar just in case you need a little boost.  Your tattooer will talk you through the size and placement and once you’re both happy with the stencil on the body the tattoo will start.  It’s best to remain calm and not move around while being tattooed.

After the tattoo

After the tattoo we’ll wrap it up for you and give you some advice on how to care for your tattoo.  Each tattooer may have a different method and recommend a different cream.  It’s best to take your tattooers advice.  You’ll also be provided with a written sheet of instructions for cleaning and aftercare which you can refer to.  You’re also always welcome to get in touch with any questions during the healing process.

We love to see your tattoos healed up so after allowing for a few weeks healing time it’s always appreciated if you could pop back in and let us see the tattoo.  If there’s any small areas affected during healing we’re happy to touch up the work as long as it’s not due to negligent behaviour ie swimming with a new tattoo.

If you’d like to talk about a tattoo or the process please feel free to pop into the studio, give us a call or send us an email, we’re always happy to answer questions on the process.  For more information please read our FAQ.