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Konrad starts building his portfolio

So we’ve got a new addition to our line up.  Konrad has been and avid artist all his life and now brings his skills to the tattoo world as he comes close to the end of his apprenticeship.    With a love for Polish traditional pieces as well as black work and black and grey he is capable of working in a number of styles.

He tattoos with us 3 days a week (soon to increase as time goes on).  In an effort to build on his knowledge and solidify his tattooing techniques he’s offering discounted rates for smaller designs as well as small reworks, colouring and lining of existing tattoos.    If you’ve had a tattoo that’s faded a little over time or simply want to spruce it up a bit but don’t want to break the bank then get in touch, he’ll be happy to work with you on it.


design work

Design work