How we work

Our studio has a comfortable, cosy feel to it, you might say more of a personal vibe going on.  It’s the way we like it.

I thought I’d make this post for anyone that doesn’t know us and is thinking about getting tattooed, a basic overview of how we work, the process from wanting to get tattooed to actually getting it done.  Each studio will have it’s own process, maybe the same, maybe different, either way this is how we usually work at our studio.

People pop in to the studio or contact us via email or our facebook page.  Sometimes it’s word of mouth, a quick search online or social media.  Either way the first thing we need to do is have a chat, a consultation.  It allows us some time to talk over ideas if we’re designing the tattoo, take measurements if need be  and make an appointment.  There are times when more than one consultation is needed if we don’t have enough information from the first meeting, it’s a very individual thing.  Some people will bring in reference, others will have a rough idea in their head.

Our studio policy is not to start a design without a set date for an appointment.  An appointment allows us to priorities our drawings, it gives us a timeline to work to.  As tattooers we’re constantly drawing so as new work comes in we prioritise according to what we’re tattooing and when.    Also we usually don’t make appointments without a deposit.  Sometimes for existing customers this isn’t a case as we can take it on past performance but in general this is what we do.

Each of the artists are different  as is each individual client.  Sometimes there’ll be a call back where you’ll come back in to see the design and we can see how it fits and make any changes necessary, other times the design will be ready on the day of the appointment and get tattooed then.  Each tattoo is different and we work on an individual basis.

Sometimes we’re able to give a fixed price on the design and other times we’ll work to an hourly rate and have  a rough estimate on the number of hours the tattoo will take.  Again it’s on a client by client basis.

If you’re reading this and thinking of coming in for a consultation a good idea is to look at our galleries and individual social media accounts.  Think of what you’re looking at getting and see which artist better suits you.  Alot of the time all the artists are more than capable of tattooing different styles and taking on different technical work ie linework, dotwork, solid colour.  If you’re not sure then just ask one of us,  our main concern is to make sure clients walk out the studio with a great tattoo done to the best of the ability of the artists in it.

I Hope this clears a few things up about how the studio works and books appointments, if you have any just give us a call or drop us an email, we’re more than happy to help.



Seven Swords Tattoo Studio