I’ve been tattooing for over 10 years now and I’m still in love with tattooing.   I’m inspired everyday by various forms of art including visual arts and artisan made crafts, I feel lucky to be in a job that pushes creativity.

I like to incorporate strong contrasts and shapes into designs, I find myself gravitating towards Japanese work and ideas of patterns and symbols which are found in geometric and tribal styles.  At the same time I’m really into floral work and botanical illustrations, from William Morris to Pierre Redoute, I think I just like beautiful art in general.

Besides artistic aspects of tattooing I’m also interested in the tattoo industry, the development of inks, needles, machines, laser work and the way the industry is moving forward as things change so rapidly technologically.   I find tattooing styles and technology is constantly evolving, it’s an exciting time to live in.


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