Part of tattooing involves learning how to work in a sterile manner and make sure all your tools and products you use are sterile.  At Seven Swords we use products that are EOS Gas sterilised as well as having an onsite autoclave to sterilise our grips after every use.

We actually only use 1 item that requires high pressure sterilisation, our grips.    Made from medical grade stainless steel they are sterilised after each use.
The process involves soaking them in a medical detergent, scrubbing them down, rinsing and drying.  After that they are packed individually in autoclave pouches before being put into our autoclave.  Each pouch has an indicator on to show whether or not the item was successfully sterilised.

In addition to the pouch indicator our autoclave prints out a report showing us the temperature and pressure the cycle has reached as well as whether or not the cycle succeeded.  We have a standing contract with an autoclave company to ensure basic maintenance and testing is done on our autoclave throughout the year.

Our steriliser


Any instruments that require sterilisation are packaged in these autoclave pouches

Autoclave pouches


Grips are put through the steriliser in these pouches and a pink indicator turns brown after the cycle was successful 


Autoclave pouches after sterilisation

Autoclave cycle report


Any other item used such as tips, needles, ink caps, razors and barriers are single use and disposed of after each tattoo.  We have an on going contract with a medical waste company that collects and disposes of all our medical waste and sharps bins (for needles and razors).
If you have any questions about our sterilisation procedure please don’t hesitate to ask us.